Individual Clients

Maryland Capital Management (MCM) offers a suite of investment options that span a broad spectrum of asset classes. We believe a combination of multiple investment strategies and varying management styles allow our clients to achieve enhanced diversification and a desired blend of risk and return objectives.


Strategy seeks to provide capital appreciation by investing solely in high quality, large market capitalization companies with above-average growth potential.

The foundation of our Equity strategy is constructed of the following criteria:

  • Concentrate the portfolio with 25 companies representing MCM’s best equity investment ideas
  • Evaluate individual investments over a 3-5 year time horizon
  • Maintain low annual portfolio turnover
  • Let winners run, admit mistakes
  • Disciplined sell principles

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Strategic Income

Our Strategic Income strategy seeks to provide a high level of income by investing in a diversified portfolio of dividend paying equities and fixed income securities. Due to the emphasis on income, portfolios will include REITs, MLPs, and preferred stocks and bonds. The result is a diversified portfolio that provides investors with an attractive level of current income compared to other options in the marketplace.

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Our Balanced strategy seeks to provide a well-diversified portfolio of equities and fixed income designed to meet client’s specific financial objective. Portfolios consist of common stocks derived from MCM’s Concentrated Growth Equity strategy, and individual fixed income securities. The result is a balanced strategy that provides clients with income, capital preservation, and the potential for long term growth.

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